GWM, 10 x 8, UNCUT

8×10 photographs inspired by personal ads.
The 6th Annual Highways Gallery Fundraiser

Cruise the personal ads “Highways Style” and enjoy music and entertainment at The 6th Annual Highways Gallery Fundraiser: GWM, 10 x 8, UNCUT. The exhibit takes a look at the gay personal ad scene as photographers showcase 8 x 10 photos that are inspired by personal ads! The exhibit opens Thursday August 5, 2004 at 7:00pm. Twenty bucks gets you in the singles mix and proceeds directly benefit Highways Gallery.
Although GWM, 10 x 8, UNCUT appears on the surface to pander to prurient interests, the exhibit is an historical “time stamp” on contemporary gay culture and a relevant social commentary on gay mating rituals in the third millennium.

“It would be a glaring omission of any historian looking back on queer social morays at the eve of the 3rd millennium and not mention personal ad dating,” says show curator and artist Philip Hitchcock. It is ironic that as a community we are fighting for the right to marry while still struggling to find the time and proper avenues to even meet the right person.”

“Anyone who has ever been on a personal ad web site totally gets the vibe of this exhibit. It is an exploration of how we as gay men attempt to market ourselves to each other and which assets we choose to make our calling cards.”

The opening night soiree will feature an appetizer buffet and no host cocktails. Also featured are select lounge acts and unsolicited dating advice from our panel of experts.

For more information call Highways at (310) 453-1755

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