Saint Louis Native, Visual Artist Philip Hitchcock Relocates from the West Coast.

ColesLamar Design & Gallery to host sculptural exhibition: “NeoClassic” Lifecast Sculpture by Philip Hitchcock

More than two decades ago, artist Philip Hitchcock left Saint Louis for Los Angeles. Now, after forging a red-hot career both in television and as a gallery artist, he’s moved back to the city, and his new exhibit, “NeoClassic,” opens Saturday, January 14, 2005 at The Gallery at ColesLamar. The reception starts at 7:00pm. The exhibit features more than a dozen life-size sculptures created from molded impressions of live models, and will be on view through March 14. For the curious, Hitchcock promises to demonstrate his amazing technique using a live, bare fleshed model. A silent auction of one of Hitchcock’s works will benefit The Victory Fund. Also on hand, will be copies of the artist’s book, Dark Impressions: The Art of Philip Hitchcock    (Ellis Publications, 10/2000, $40). Beautifully photographed by the artist, it represents a range of his erotic lifecast imagery and light sculptures in nearly 100 pictures. It also features a “how to” sequence, written by Hitchcock.

When asked why the move, the artist muses, “You’ll never beat the weather in L.A., but I was ready for a less aggressive lifestyle and a softer place to land. I wanted an urban environment that was culturally stimulating in a place where the people were genuine. I am overwhelmed by how friendly and warm people in Saint Louis have been. Oh yeah, What High School did you go to?”

ColesLamar Gallery is located at 4655 Maryland Place, Saint Louis, Missouri 63108 For more information call the gallery at (314) 361-6027.

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