Dark Impressions

Sculpture and Photography by Philip Hitchcock

PHD Gallery showcases the work of gallery owner and artist Philip Hitchcock. Challenging and alluring, the life-size male erotic figures of Philip Hitchcock merge fantasy and reality to create powerful sculptural forms, evoking themes of heroism and human frailty. Focusing on mythology from different cultures, Hitchcock creates contemporary representations of historical icons whose grandeur is humanized by their corporeal sensuality. The hyper-realistic forms, which are created from multiple castings of live models, are layered and embellished with accoutrements. Of this body of work Dr. William H. Gerdts an American art historian and Professor Emeritus of Art History at the CUNY Graduate Center writes: “Hitchcock’s sculpture is really powerful stuff. His technical aesthetic is very much his own innovation. He is able to manipulate his castings through tremendously imaginative reorganization and addition of forms, through carefully selected segmentation, and through dramatic color expression, which move into a darker, intensely more private world of fear, desire, and renewal.”

Although PHD Gallery will showcase several of Hitchcock’s life-size sculptures, central to this exhibit are the limited edition photographs of select works shot by Hitchcock. Many images are plates taken from his book, Dark Impressions, The Art of Philip Hitchcock. The artist is on hand to sign copies of his book at a free public reception on Saturday, January 19, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

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