Life-size free standing statue of fitness guru Perry Merlotti.

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FROM NEWS: Visiting Artist Gets Male Model Plastered!

Mischief Cards and Gifts hosts Body Casting Demo by Artist Philip Hitchcock

Challenging. Alluring. Rock Hard. The life-size male erotic figures of Philip Hitchcock merge fantasy and reality to create powerful sculptural forms, evoking themes of heroism and human frailty. The hyper-realistic forms, which are created from multiple castings of live models, are layered and embellished with accoutrements. Hitchcock will demonstrate the bodycasting process using fitness expert and physique model Christopher Bates at Mischief Cards and Gifts in Palm Springs. The public demonstration is free and takes place Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 7PM.

Hitchcock mixes a fast setting impression material used by dentists and applies it directly to the model's bare skin. The non-toxic goo is supple enough to capture goose bumps and eyelashes. Castings are reorganized, refined, and bronzed yielding works reminiscent of Greek statues.

Several of Hitchcock sculptures are on view at Mischief Cards and Gifts in Palm Springs. Along with limited edition photographs of select works by Hitchcock; plates taken from his book, Dark Impressions, The Art of Philip Hitchcock. The limited edition archival digital 16 x 20" prints are framed to 22 x 28." The artist is on hand to sign copies of his book after the bodycast demonstration. Mischief Cards and Gifts is located at 210 E Arenas Rd., Palm Springs, California 92262.