Life-size cast gypsum sculpture made of soap star Winsor Harmon.

FROM NEWS: Soap Opera Hunk is Immortalized

Los Angeles - Canada's TV GUIDE TELEVISION took their cameras to the studio of artist Philip Hitchcock to capture the immortalization of soap star Winsor Harmon. The actor, who sizzles every day as "Thorne" on CBS's THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, had his torso cast in stone by the Venice Beach sculptor. Over 2 million viewers saw the November broadcast which highlighted every step of the intricate process, including the unveiling of the finished statue which nearly left the daytime heartthrob speechless! "That's amazing," remarked Harmon as he examined the finished creation, "I've never seen anything like it!" Coincidentally, another of Hitchcock's sculptures is already featured on the show and can be seen daily on the set of "Brooke's" penthouse office.