Ecstasy Bound

Life-size torso in cast gypsum. Commissioned by activist/author David Mixner


Los Angeles, CA - Author and political activist David Mixner has commissioned artist Philip Hitchcock to create a very special, and very personal sculpture. Mixner, who authored the top selling book, A Stranger Among Friends, wanted a figure that was a departure from the physically perfect models Hitchcock so frequently uses. "I was interested in a model who had an understated sensuality and innocence," remarked Mixner who has already collected two of the artistźs pieces, "I wanted a body type that had an everyman quality." The final sculpture was composed from a single model who posed for multiple castings. Five separate pieces comprise the finished sculpture which is boldly displayed in Mixner's foyer. "When people ask me if it's about civil rights or the struggle to be free... I just smile," says Mixner. "ECSTASY BOUND" can also be seen in the erotic art gallery secion.