Kouros 2013

Life-size statue made of gypsum steel and fiberglass. Designed for suspension from chains.

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The recently completed KOUROS 2013 has shipped to Alberta, Canada for installation in a private collection. Hitchcock's newest sculpture is a reference to those representations of male youths which first appear in the Archaic period in Greece. Traditional Kouroi are layered with meaning, always beardless, take a formulaic advancing posture, and are most often nude. Hitchcock's version take a decidedly erotic turn with the addition of the erect phallus, and the advancing posture replaced by chain suspensions which arrest all motion. The hands are literally bolted to the sides.

The sculpture is derived from casts taken from two men is comprised of steel and fiberglass reinforced gypsum. It hangs on two fifteen foot chains, though shown here suspended from a scaffolding.