Foot Soldier

Life-size torso in cast gypsum, resins, steel, and calf skulls

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A collector from Cagliari, Italy was disappointed to learn that another buyer had already purchased two of Philip Hitchcock's original sculptures, FOOTSOLDIER and OVERLORD. The two sculptures from Hitchcock's exhibit "Medieval/ Millennial" were among the first to sell. Since the sculptures were originals, no secondary molds were made. This made the notion of "editions" impossible.

To solve the problem, Hitchcock offered to recreate the pieces from the ground up. In one instance he was even able to hire the same model! While an attempt was made to be true to the feeling and spirit of the originals, exact copies were neither attempted nor desired. The "originals" are on the left, the "second originals" are on the right. Compare and contrast the following photos.

In the case of "FOOTSOLDIER", the same model was used, though dieting made him look leaner through the abdominals. The pose is nearly identical except for the tilt of the head and position of the left hand. In the "second original," the legs were left a little longer and the arc of the chest piece was changed. Wolf claws were substituted for muskrat claws and the Sheep skull shoulder armor was created from smaller skulls and extended slightly.

Greater differences are apparent with "OVERLORD" and OVERLORD 2". Here Hitchcock used a different model altogether. Mouflon Ram horns are as distinct as fingerprints so there is a big difference here. The collector also requested a bluish overall hue to the piece. Other differences are the shape of the eye pieces and the addition of a microphone. Once again, Wolf claws were used in place of Muskrat claws.

Buyers interested in commissions and "second originals" may contact the artist direct via e-mail.