Green Man

Sculptured bust of the iconic green man of Celtic lore. Mixed media: gypsum, horn, wood and paper.

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FROM NEWS: Clearly Human IV

Artist Philip Hitchcock has been juried into CLEARLY HUMAN IV, an all-media group exhibition of artwork focused on the human figure, hosted by The St. Louis Artists’ Guild. CLEARLY HUMAN IV will showcase Hitchcock’s newest sculpture, “Green Man.” Clearly Human gives a comprehensive look at the many ways of representing the human figure, from traditional to contemporary, realistic to fanciful, beautiful to unsettling. The exhibit seeks a diverse view of humanity representing subjects varying greatly in gender, age, ethnicity, and nationality. The artists are encouraged to use the figure to explore a wide variety of themes, including definitions of beauty, perceptions of history, relationships with nature, and moments of everyday life. The show is juried by Thomas Piché Jr., who is director of Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Sedalia, MO.
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