Belt Buckles

One of two sterling silver belt buckles made for James Drury on behalf of a fan. They were faithfully reproduced from photos of the original belt buckle he wore on the series “The Virginian.” The original buckle was lost. 2.5” x 4.5” cast in solid sterling silver.


Los Angeles, CA - Collector and "western officianado" Robert Kagan selected artist Philip Hitchcock for the painstaking task of recreating a sterling silver belt buckle to match the one worn by James Drury in the 60s TV show "The Virginian." Since the original buckle was stolen, Hitchcock accomplished the daunting task of replicating the buckle using only black and white "stills" taken of Drury during filming. "The images required significant enlargement and enhancement," recalls the artist, "and even with those it was necessary to get verbal descriptions from Mr. Drury." The finished buckle was given to James Drury as a gift. Kagan, who had tried three times before to have the buckle made by other artists, was so delighted, he had one made for himself! In fact, he commissioned Hitchcock to re-create another famous western belt buckle... the same one worn by James Arness in "Gunsmoke."