Urban Angel
L.A. Community of Angels

Life-size cast gypsum and multi-media.

FROM NEWS: Visit my Angel

Los Angeles, California - Philip Hitchcock is among a select group of artists commissioned to design an angel for the Los Angeles Community of Angels project.
Artist Philip Hitchcock, sponsored by The CASCIO FOUNDATION, created "URBAN ANGEL." The artist's design required replacing the large fan like angel wings with a "skeletal frame" of rebar. The head and the hands were replaced with clear, polyester resin casts of hands and a human skull and the front of the angel was fitted with a muscular breastplate.

Says the artist, "I approached the concept more sculpturally than painterly. I wanted my design to reflect the darker, more urban side of Los Angeles."

URBAN ANGEL is on display through May 7, 2001 24 hours a day at 6922 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028 (across from Mann's Chinese)

A Community of Angels TM is modeled after a project first introduced in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998. Zurich featured over 800 decorated fiberglass cows as public art, strategically placed throughout the public landscape. The idea was successfully replicated in Chicago in 1999 as "Cows on Parade," a project which entertained an estimated 10 million viewers and added $200 million to the local economy. Since then, a number of similar installations have popped up throughout the country, from vacationing cows in New York City to pigs in Cincinnati and lizard art in Orlando, Fla.

To bring the project to conclusion, the display season will be followed by a gala celebration May 17, 2001, organized for the purpose of auctioning off the finished Angels.